cloud security

Some of the solutions presented to advisors to address cybersecurity were, from a budgetary perspective, terrifying.  A sophisticated platform capable of prevention and proper reporting could easily run into six figures – a figure not typically in the cards for an RIA with twenty-five employees.

Warren searched and evaluated many solutions that could be easily implemented and supported, however in this case, one of our most important criteria was that the solution be inexpensive enough that the purchase required little to no thought.

Enter Cisco Umbrella, previously known as OpenDNS.  Umbrella is a cloud-based security solution that detects advanced attacks and blocks malware, botnets, and phishing.  And, it does this for a surprisingly affordable monthly subscription.

Umbrella is not like traditional antivirus software that reacts to known threats, but instead uses predictive intelligence to proactively protect your business.

We encourage you to dig a little deeper and let us know if we can be of assistance in helping you address your cybersecurity needs.

Learn more about Cloud Security from Cisco Umbrella here.